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Selecting a Boarding Kennel for Your Dog

Bronx Veterinary Center understands that every responsible dog owner wants to find a well-run boarding kennel for their pet. We want you to feel confident that our boarding kennel in the Bronx is the best possible place to board your precious dogs and cats when you are away. But how can you tell if our kennel is well-run? Here's a ten-point checklist for any dog boarding kennel you are considering.

  1. Do They Allow Inspection? You should be able to tour the whole boarding facility with little advance notice. Any facility which refuses a tour is suspect. Many boarding kennels are very busy and have specific tour hours. Please be respectful of their visiting hours.
  2. Dogs Should Look Happy While touring the kennel, most of the dogs should be up near or on the gates wagging their tails, barking and generally making a nuisance of themselves. One or two may hang back, but most should be up front.
  3. Doors There should always be two doors between your animal and freedom. Facilities that have doors directly to the outside in the kennel area are accidents waiting to happen.
  4. A Member of ABKA? ABKA stands for American Boarding Kennel Association, and is a good sign of the owner's commitment to professionalism. It isn't a guarantee, and lack of it does not mean the kennel isn't first-class, but it is reassuring to see the ABKA logo.
  5. Requires Vaccinations Good kennels require proof of up-to-date vaccinations including kennel cough (bordatella). Never leave an animal in a kennel where vaccinations are not required. This is your only guarantee against some major contagious diseases.
  6. Smells Clean Your nose knows. A boarding kennel filled with dogs will smell like dogs. Along with dogs, you may well smell disinfectant. There shouldn't be an overwhelming stench of urine or feces. Occasionally a dog comes in for boarding who isn't clean in their indoor pen, but these are rare. If more than a couple of dogs have urine and/or feces in their indoor areas, something is wrong.
  7. Outdoor Walks Outdoor walks are important to the health of your dog. At Bronx Veterinary Center, we take our guests for outdoor walks three times a day. Make sure your dog will get his daily dose of fresh air.
  8. Boarding Kennels and Disease No matter how excellent the kennel, boarding is still a stressful experience for most dogs. Stress leaves animals susceptible to disease. Also, not all vaccinations are 100 percent effective. Even dogs who have been vaccinated against kennel cough and viral diarrhea can pick up a strain not covered by the vaccine. Even a carefully run facility will occasionally have an intestinal bug. We take for granted that our children will get colds or skin a knee at school or camp, yet we are surprised when our dogs do the canine equivalent at a kennel.
  9. Provide Information If an emergency occurs, the kennel's obligation is to inform you of the situation (if possible), get the dog the necessary veterinary care while at their facility, and to practice thorough sanitation measures. Disease is rare at a good facility - but it can happen. That's just part of the package when your board your dog. Because of this, elderly dogs; puppies under six months of age; fearful, anxious dogs, and dogs with immune problems are best cared for in a home environment.
  10. Veterinarian availability We check the health and happiness of our boarding guests daily. Our veterinarians make the rounds in the kennel a priority, to be sure every guest is examined every day.

The kennels at Bronx Veterinary Center are bright, spacious and brand new. The boarding dogs are treated to climate controlled rooms with piped-in music to keep them calm and content. Come and visit, or give us a call to schedule a grand tour. You'll be reassured that our boarding kennel is the right place to keep your pet while you are away.

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