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Bronx Veterinary Center Staff

Nicole DeLalla-Katz, Practice Manager

Practice manager Nicole DeLalla-Katz has been working at Bronx Veterinary Center since she and her husband, Dr. Katz, opened it in 1995. As the practice manager, she loves educating clients on giving the best care to their pets. The hospital strives to be on the cutting edge of technology and advancements in veterinary medicine, and Nicole loves being able to provide clients with a high level of care at an affordable price.

Nicole and Dr. Katz have four daughters and four family pets. She enjoys training her dogs, and hand-raising and training baby birds. When she's not at the hospital, Nicole likes to go hiking in the woods with her kids and the dogs, biking, trail running and kayaking. She is also a Girl Scout Brownie Leader and is passionate about health and nutrition.

Marianela Ramos, Staff Manager

Staff Manager Marianela Ramos has worked at Bronx Veterinary Center since 2008. She enjoys being a part of the hospital because she knows that it provides the local community with "the best medical care for animals at a very reasonable price." Marianela has three family pets: a 2-year-old Maltese named Honey, a 3-year-old Shih-Tzu named Sky and a 4-month-old cat named Amber. She and her three daughters like to help neighbors with their pets when they travel, and in her free time she enjoys dancing, cooking and photography.

David Damian Rivera

David Damian Rivera, Licensed Veterinary Technician

Licensed Veterinary Technician David Damian Rivera joined the medical team at Bronx Veterinary Center in 2000. He likes the family atmosphere of the hospital. Working here gives him the opportunity to explore different aspects of his profession, which is a perk that he enjoys. David likes spending time with his English bulldog, Random.

Rosario Ugarte

Rosario Ugarte, Head Receptionist

Rosario Ugarte, head receptionist, has been with Bronx Veterinary Center since 1996. Working at the hospital allows her to learn about pets and their needs, and she likes the opportunity to learn more about animals and their way of life. Rosario has a Labrador retriever named Blade, a toy Chihuahua named Hennessy and a cat named Nino. She spends her free time with her family and likes to go on family outings with them every weekend.

Domenica Furnari

Domenica Furnari, Assistant Manager

As the Assistant Manager at Bronx Veterinary Center, Domenica Furnari assists the practice and staff managers in anything they may need to be done for the good of the hospital. She makes sure that clients and their pets are happy with their visit by helping the staff achieve this goal any way possible. Domenica also helps by restraining pets for the doctors and technicians, making medications and assisting in many hands-on aspects of veterinary care.

Domenica earned her bachelor's degrees in psychology and biology from Baruch College. She is also ultrasound certified. Domenica has been described as authoritative yet kind and understanding, which, along with her love of animals, makes her an asset to the hospital.

"I love many aspects of this job including being part of an animal's recovery and watching the hospital's patients grow up through the years," she says. "I also enjoy educating pet owners and their children on proper care for their pet."

Angel Robles

Angel Robles, Veterinary Technician

Angel Robles brings passion and an eagerness to her job as veterinary technician at Bronx Veterinary Center. Her responsibilities at the hospital include monitoring patients before and after surgery, placing catheters, performing radiographs, assisting during dental procedures and more. Angel's favorite part of the job is having the opportunity to save pet's lives in emergency situations.

A licensed doctor in veterinary medicine in Lima, Peru, Angel is working toward her goal of becoming a licensed veterinarian in the United States.

Kenya Guzman

Kenya Guzman, Veterinary Assistant

Veterinary Assistant Kenya Guzman says that she enjoys her work with the Bronx Veterinary Center because the staff feels like a family to her. "We help each other out at all times, and we communicate with each other without any hesitation," she says. Kenya also says that her work is helping bring her closer to her lifelong dream of becoming a veterinarian by providing inspiration and a strong learning environment.

At home, Kenya has a 4-year-old Chihuahua named Chikitin. She also is a member of the Pre-Vet club at SUNY Cobleskill where she shows dairy cattle, works with horses and trains dogs for tracking and obedience. In her spare time, she loves to read, go to the beach, spend time with friends and family, engage in work to help her community and play softball and volleyball.

Yasmin Rodriguez

Yasmin Rodriguez, Veterinary Assistant

As a veterinary assistant at Bronx Veterinary Center, Yasmin Rodriguez is responsible for feeding, weighing and taking the temperatures of the hospital's patients. She also administers medications and provides nurse care before and after surgery. Yasmin's favorite part of the job is bonding with clients because they share the same passion: a love for pets. She is ultrasound certified, and in the future hopes to pursue radiology or ultrasound technology even further.

Yasmin has excellent customer service skills, especially with the elderly and Spanish speaking customers. She is very patient and calm, and she feels that patients respond to her warm qualities. She says, "My cat, Kurt, is a rescue from the hospital. He was extremely aggressive when he was first brought to the hospital. With my love and care he is now as mellow and laid back as I am."

Sydney Katz, Veterinary Assistant

Sydney Katz is veterinary assistant at Bronx Veterinary Center. Her favorite part of the job is helping the hospital's clients understand how to properly care for their animals. Sydney's other job responsibilities include restraining animals, performing nail trims and ear cleanings, walking the boarding pets, cleaning kennels, filling out patients charts and making medication.

Self-described as an outgoing person, Sydney has a knack for working with clients to recommend the best treatment and care for their pets.

Sydney has many pets at home and loves all animals, particularly German shepherds. She says, "If there is a German Shepherd in the hospital, then I am the first one volunteer to help it." Outside of the hospital, Sydney is working on her college degree at Westchester Community College.

Bryan Tim

Bryan Tim, Veterinary Assistant

Veterinary Assistant Bryan Tim is responsible for helping doctors within the exam room by restraining pets, making medication, taking care of in-house patients and helping with overall client relations. His favorite part of the job is meeting new clients and educating them on proper animal care. Bryan is enrolled at Penn Foster Career School for veterinary technology, where he plans to graduate in Fall 2017.

Bryan provides excellent customer service with an upbeat attitude. He says, "I love all animals but my passion is for pit bulls. I love educating our pit bull owners on the proper ways to train and care for their big babies." Bryan has two pit bulls at home named Deuce and Odie, and he says greeting them at the door after work is truly a highlight of his day.

Gisselle Camacho

Gisselle Camacho, Veterinary Assistant and Receptionist

Veterinary Assistant and Receptionist Giselle Camacho has a passion for all animals which has influenced her intense determination to see them all taken care for. Her job responsibilities include assisting the doctors and technicians, making medication, tending to boarding and hospital pets and keeping our clients and pets happy.

Gisselle is currently pursuing her license in veterinary technology. Her favorite part of the job is creating bonds with clients and their pets. She says, "They truly begin to feel like family. Even though it is hard when patients become ill, I take joy in getting them healthy and watching them live long, healthy lives."

Christina Alicea

Christina Alicea, Veterinary Assistant and Receptionist

Christina Alicea is both a veterinary assistant and receptionist at Bronx Veterinary Center. Her job responsibilities include checking clients in and out, assisting with client's questions or concerns and assisting doctors and technicians during appointments. Her favorite part of the job is playing with the puppy and kitten patients. Christina is currently enrolled at Penn Foster Career School where she is studying veterinary technology. She plans to graduate in fall 2017.

Possessing a positive energy, Christina is friendly toward both patients and clients of the hospital. She says, "My positive energy is contagious and I enjoy making this job—which at times can be very stressful—a happy environment. My two dogs Lily and Leo have almost as much energy as I do."

Mychela Gonzalez, Veterinary Assistant and Receptionist

Veterinary Assistant and Receptionist Mychela Gonzalez is responsible for checking clients in an out, assisting with any questions clients may have and assisting the doctors and veterinary technicians with patients. Her favorite part of the job is working with so many different animals. Mychela brings a positive energy to the hospital and considers herself a very big people person. She will be applying for her veterinary technician license in Fall 2017.

Kirsys Rodriguez

Kirsys Rodriguez, Veterinary Assistant and Receptionist

Kirsys always has a smile on her face and a positive attitude to match. She has learned the skills of both a vet assistant and a receptionist very quickly. She continues to strive to learn more each day, which makes her an intelligent, driven worker.

Alexa Diaz

Alexa Diaz, Receptionist

Receptionist Alexa Diaz's daily responsibilities include answering the phones, confirming appointments, creating surgery estimates, making appointments, registering clients and checking voicemails. Her favorite part of the job is making the clients happy, and she considers herself to be a strong team player.

Julio Gomez

Julio Gomez, Receptionist

Raised in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, Julio began a lifelong passion for the arts while studying jazz in a dance company. Wanting to expand his artistic reach, Julio moved to New York City and began studying film in hopes of a brighter future. He loves telling stories—not just his own but those of others. Julio directed, produced and edited his first documentary in 2009. His film focused on the life of a transgendered person, and when it was completed the film was shown at six film different film festivals.

Now part of the Bronx Veterinary Center family, Julio's passion for animal rights—combined with his skills of storytelling—makes him an artist that's sensitive and sensible, whether it's creating art or caring for pets. When he's not providing compassionate care at the hospital, Julio can be found working on his next documentary about Comic Con, as well as writing a one-man show.

Jasmin Rivas

Jasmin Rivas, Receptionist

Jasmin as worked with animals for many years before joining the Bronx Veterinary Center team. She is energetic and eager to help in any way possible and has a passion for helping animals and their owners. Her ability to stay calm and focused makes her a tremendous asset to the hospital.

Karrie Castro

Karrie Castro, Cleaning, Technician Assistant

Karrie Castro maintains the cleanliness of the hospital. She is also skilled in restraining animals for the technicians and doctors.

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