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Open Mon-Fri: 8:00AM to 5:00PM, Sat: 8:00AM to 1:00PM

Diagnostics & Radiology

Diagnostics & Radiology

Digital Radiology

Radiographs, or X-rays, are one of the most common and useful diagnostic tools in medicine. At Bronx Veterinary Center, we use X-rays to examine your pet’s bones, lungs, heart, abdomen, oral cavity, and other areas and for diagnosing and monitoring many medical and surgical conditions. If we suspect your pet has a fractured bone, has swallowed a foreign object, or is suffering from a heart problem, an X-ray can tell us what we need to know.

To provide you with the highest quality veterinary care for your pet, Bronx Veterinary Center has invested in a state-of-the-art digital X-ray machine. There are many important advantages to digital X-rays:

  • They are immediately able to be viewed on a computer monitor.
  • The clear, detailed images can be manipulated to get a better view of your pet’s bones and internal organs, leading to a faster and more accurate diagnosis.
  • They take less time to process, which means less time for your pet on the X-ray table (and less stress), and less waiting time for you.
  • No harsh chemicals are needed to develop the images, reducing potential harm to our staff and the environment.
  • If a second opinion is necessary, digital X-rays can be sent by email to a specialist.

Advanced diagnostic capabilities are an extremely important part of veterinary medicine, in part because we can’t simply ask our patients what is wrong. An investment in digital X-ray technology reflects a commitment to offer you and your pet the best, most comprehensive healthcare available.


Similar to an X-ray but often more accurate, ultrasound provides real-time images of your pet’s internal organs. Used primarily for abdominal or cardiac illnesses, ultrasound allow your veterinarian to look inside your pet and perform organ biopsies that would otherwise require surgery. Ultrasound is especially useful when used as a diganostic tool for aspiritating fluid in the body cavity or around the heart. It is also used to diagnose pregnancy in pets and the viability of the fetus, and it is helpful for avoiding contamination when performing cystocentesis (collection of urine samples).

Bronx Veterinary Center uses the latest veterinary ultrasound technology to help treat your pet. Used without anesthesia, ultrasound examinations are less invasive, less stressful, and more comfortable for your pet.

In-House Laboratory

Since your sick pet cannot tell us what is wrong, your veterinarian must sometimes supplement physical exams and diagnostic tests with laboratory testing. Having an elaborate, in-house laboratory enables us to arrive at a more rapid diagnosis for your pet during an emergency or when time is of the essence. The hospital is equipped with a complete and sophisticated diagnostic laboratory that allows us to measure many laboratory values with same-day results available. In addition, we work with several referral labs if your pet requires more specialized testing.